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Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) is a unique collaboration between Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire Businesses and Public Services working together to reduce levels of crime and disorder across the county.

The Partnership is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee and its primary role is to support various crime prevention and community safety schemes throughout Lancashire submitted by the local police on behalf of the community. A Board of Directors drawn from our partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors allocate grants to enable police officers around the county to operate local crime reduction initiatives that would not otherwise have been affordable.



Advice on how to stay safe

If you would like to look at any of the pages listed below then just click onto the titles. If there are any subjects that have not been covered that you would like to see then please contact one of our team.

Don’t Lose Your Satellite Navigation Equipment to Car Thieves.

With satellite navigation equipment becoming more popular, it is also becoming popular with criminals.

  • Where it is portable keep it safe by taking it together with the support cradle and suction pads, with you.
  • Remember to wipe away any suction marks left on the windscreen or dashboard as thieves will look for these.
  • Don’t leave the equipment in the glove compartment.
  • Mark your equipment with your postcode, house number or registration number.
  • Make a note of the make, model and serial number. Keep a note of this somewhere safe - but not in the car.

Our projects

  • The Hard Knocks Boxing Gym
  • Farm Watch
  • Protect Each Other
  • Caravan Watch
  • Operation Spoke
  • Fishing Buddies


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