Use of The LANPAC Logo

The LANPAC Management Support Team are often approached by members who ask how far they can promote their association with the Lancashire Constabulary in their marketing strategies. In order to provide clear guidance on this issue we put this question to our legal eagles at County Hall and they have formulated the following guidance to assist with this subject:

‘The Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) encourages members to make use of their membership of this company. However, copyright of the LANPAC logo is vested in LANPAC.

Accordingly, if members are intending to use the (LANPAC) company logo in connection with their business or for advertising purposes, agreement must first be reached with the management support for LANPAC at Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters.

This also includes use of their certificate of membership other than to make use of it on display in the members normal place of business.

LANPAC also reserve the right to refuse the use of this logo where it is felt that such use would be inappropriate or lead to embarrassment, confusion or conflict.

The logo is the sole property of the LANPAC company and unauthorised use will amount to an infringement of this copyright. Agreeable wording for use with this logo would be ‘A MEMBER OF THE LANCASHIRE PARTNERSHIP AGAINST CRIME’. NO OTHER ENDORSEMENT WILL BE ACCEPTABLE’.

Once you have received permission, as outlined above, from the LANPAC Management Support Team to use the LANPAC logo it can be downloaded by right-clicking your mouse on the image below and selecting the option ‘save picture as’, the logo can then be saved into a folder of your choice on your own computer.