The Hard Knocks Boxing Gym

The Hard Knocks Gym was established in 2011, and is located on Poulton Industrial estate which is a short distance from areas of socio- economic deprivation including the Grange Park estate.

It is a wholly non profit making, fully inclusive project which is staffed exclusively by volunteers. It aims to introduce members of the community to the sport of boxing and associated physical training. Particular emphasis is placed upon themes such as mutual respect and self discipline.

This project, which has received funding from LANPAC, is proving to be really successful, and in addition to the schools sessions that continue, up to 20 local young people both male and female, now attend the 6 ‘open’ sessions held every week .The sport of boxing has a long proven tradition of being a positive influence on individuals who may be in danger of taking the ‘wrong path’ in life.

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