Operation Vulture

Operation Vulture is Lancashire Constabulary’s response to shoplifting across the county. The operation will see dedicated officers undertaking hotspot patrolling, increasing their visibility in targeted areas and creating strong partnerships with retailers across the county to better share intelligence, get a deeper understanding of retail crime and identify more offenders.

As a part of this campaign, there are a number of assets available in the divisional headquarters – Blackpool, Greenbank and Preston. These assets aim to educate businesses and deter offenders. 

Assets available: 

  • Leaflets which include crime prevention advice.
  • A6 postcards on what to do if there is a shoplifter in the store, designed to be left by tills and used by staff.
  • A4 posters to display in stores. 
  • Shelf wobblers to use in areas which might be targeted by shoplifters. 
  • Window stickers to be used in stop windows, on doors, on fridge doors or shelves by tills, wherever is the best fit for the business.
  • Pens.

Officers will also be handing these out to local businesses on patrols. If you would like to access any of the above, please contact your local neighbourhood team or visit your nearest divisional headquarters.

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