‘Only One In The World’

‘Only One In The World’ project is around Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and is being delivered to schools in East Lancashire, in a drama setting.  The performance tells a story of grooming and CSE through the eyes of a young female victim. The performance is hard hitting and draws upon true stories to unpick the journey of a young girl who was once just a happy-go-lucky ‘normal’ teenager with a lovely pink bedroom, celebrity crushes and plenty of friends but is now sitting in a bedsit, alone and frightened about what will happen to her next.

It looks at the triggers that made her vulnerable, the journey of how she was groomed and the pain and abuse she has suffered. The audience goes on this journey with the character and have the chance to choose an ending for the next steps the girl will take.

The main aim of the project is to raise awareness of CSE and grooming for Year 9 pupils in East Lancashire.

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