Caravan Watch

Over the last couple of years the Fylde area have witnessed periodic spates of burglaries and thefts on some caravan sites. Many of the sites are occupied by elderly and vulnerable members of the community who, for various reasons have little or no support from local partners or agencies.

Residents, from previous dealings have been identified as having medical problems, mental health issues and some give cause for concerns around Anti-Social Behaviour with other being frequent callers to the police and other emergency services for varying reasons.
This project is a partnership operation working with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, NHS, Age Concern, Help Direct, Fylde Borough Council and N-COMPASS (A charitable organisation providing “issue specific” advocacy).

The project involves visiting 8 residential caravan parks in the Fylde area within 8 months. Individual agencies have highlighted concerns to each other regarding vulnerable residents on the sites, some who have little or no support, others who have been victims of crime and those that live alone. The project will enable to identify vulnerable residents and provide a proactive and crime preventative initiative while also making the police more accessible to the communities.

The operation will involve visiting approximately 1000 properties. Security prevention measures will be provided to residents with previous victims of crime and the most vulnerable taking priority.

A grant of £1500 is provided towards the purchase of crime prevention material.

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