A Journey from Crime to Community Support Webinar

Join us on Wednesday 7th August at 1pm, featuring Darryl Kennedy, a former most-wanted criminal in Sydney, Australia in the 1990s, as he shares his insights and experiences, offering a unique perspective on acquisitive crime and the criminal justice system.

Born and raised in Manchester in the 1960s, Darryl’s story took a different path from the age of 9 when his father involved him in domestic burglary, ultimately committing thousands of offences both in the United Kingdom and overseas. However, his life took a pivotal turn when he found himself facing the consequences for his actions, resulting in periods of incarceration for his burglary offences. These challenging experiences behind bars compelled Darryl to re-evaluate his life and commit to making positive impact on the very communities he once harmed.

Discover how Darryl’s commitment to turning his life around led him to engage in various crime prevention initiatives across the UK, including supporting academic work in criminology. His expertise in restorative justice offers valuable insights into repairing the harm caused by crime and supporting both victims and offenders on their path to healing.

Learn about Darryl’s ongoing efforts to make a difference, including the development of a crime prevention blog aimed at supporting victims of domestic burglaries in the UK.

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