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Wasted Lives

Wasted Lives CampaignThe success of the ‘Wasted Lives’ Campaign (formerly Drive to Survive) has gone from strength to strength in recent years with Blackburn College, Myerscough College, BNFL, BAe Systems and Initial Fire and Security joining Training 2000 and putting their employees through their paces on this pioneering course. Young motorists cover a variety of topics aimed at reducing the number of serious accidents and injuries happening on the roads of Lancashire.

Over 1,500 young people have now attended this course which was introduced after five Training 2000 apprentices were killed in the space of four years. They approached LANPAC to see if there was anything we could do to help their young drivers. The ‘Wasted Lives’ Campaign was launched and since then they have had no fatalities or serious accidents. It is judged to be so successful that it has become part of their Modern Apprentice training programme.

Wasted Lives: Changing attitudes – influencing behaviour – saving lives

Do you teach, train or employ 17-24 year olds? This one day course could save their lives

The Wasted Lives education programme delivered by experienced Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety facilitators, is one full day dedicated to challenging new and soon-to-be young drivers’ attitudes to the risks associated with driving. They will develop a better understanding of the potential and very real consequences of taking risks behind the wheel. It will improve their ability to assess risks, make the right decisions and accept responsibility for their actions as a driver and passenger • Engaging and interactive • Uses multimedia, student centred learning and group collaboration • Suitable for groups of up to 45 learners • Flexible structure allows programme to be tailored to learners • Flexible programme timings • All resources supplied • Delivers learning outcomes for post 16 Citizenship and PSHE • Addresses the key concepts and understanding in safety education • Harnesses critical thinking, presentation skills and explores attitudes • Contributes to lifelong skills and personal development • Presents opportunities for developing transferable skills.

Did you know?

One in three new drivers crash within the first two years of passing their test. Over 3,000 car drivers under 25 are killed or seriously injured every year. Inexperience behind the wheel is a big contributing factor, but risk-taking, over-confidence, a love of speed, showing off, peer pressure, drinking and the taking of drugs are all prevalent in this age group. When mixed with driving the consequences can be lethal. The devastation caused by a tragedy amongst young peer groups is colossal and it can literally ruin the rest of their lives.

Module details:

Fast and Loose

When is fast too fast? Seat belts; are they boring or a no-brainer?
Studded with hard hitting clips, participants will volunteer contributory factors to crashes, try to rank them and also examine the consequences.

Risk It?

A highly interactive sessions with bean bags, beer goggles, breathalysers and bar trips! Participants will learn what a unit of alcohol is, how long it stays in the blood and what happens if you risk drinking and driving and get caught.

Fit to Drive?

Cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, speed and even prescription drugs impair the senses. Participants, through group based research with input from experts, will learn what these drugs look like, what they do to the body, what they do to driving ability and undergo Field Impairment Tests that the police carry out on suspected drug users. The module culminates in groups presenting their findings.
‘I had no idea taking drugs could affect your driving so much’

Missing Matthew

Powerful, award winning film, ‘Missing Matthew’ is a true story of how Matthew (22) lost his life in a horrific crash, racing his best mate. One moment of madness snuffed out his life which was so full of promise. His parents tell the harrowing story and leave us in no doubt about the widespread devastation such a loss causes. Interactive follow up activities explore the consequences of making the wrong decision.

What’s the Point?

A plenary session of group presentations summing up what has been discovered, what thought processes have been evoked, how the day has affected them and what it means for their future attitudes and behaviour. Will they tackle any of the issues raised with a friend? Or perhaps feel strongly enough to start a campaign?
‘I believe I am taking something from today. The shocking pictures brought it home and made me realise this could be me or my mates.’

Optional Modules:

Spot the Fault

A competition to spot all the faults hidden in a short film. Prizes are awarded for the most problems identified from basic vehicle safety defects to legal responsibilities and driving behaviour.

Crash Investigator

An interactive session where learners become crash investigators. Using a computer simulated programme to view a crash scene from all angles, they gather evidence and interview witnesses before filing their accident report of how and why it happened. The actual crash sequence is revealed at the end.

For further details regarding the Wasted Lives campaign and how it can help reduce the risk of serious accidents within your workforce contact the LANPAC team.


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