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The High Sheriff of Lancashire’s Young Citizen Award

Winner Philippa Richings Aged 18 from Lancaster, nominated by Kate Ridings. Philippa became acutely unwell about two years ago ,whilst studying for her A-levels at a local Grammar School .Due to the decline in her emotional well-being and lack of understanding from friends, family and school, Phillipa had two lengthy admissions to hospital ,having to…
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How to Recognise a Scam

The Con How scam artists succeed – they will:- Catch you unawares, contacting you, without you asking them to, by phone, email, post or sometimes in person Sound pleasant, well spoken and kind (on the phone or at your door) and want you to think they’re your friend Have slick, professional letters and leaflets Be…
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Internet Watch Foundation

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) operates the only INTERNET 'hotline' in the UK for reporting illegal images on the web. Working in partnership with Police, Government, the internet and mobile industries, the IWF provides this free service for the general public which is aimed at minimising the availability of illegal content to protect internet users.…
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Identity Theft

The Home Office is at present highlighting the increasing cost of Identity Theft to the population of the UK. Current estimates put it at £1.9 billion per year or £35 per year for each person in the country. Identity theft is the term used to describe the process whereby a person steals personal details from an individual…
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